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China’s first premium talk show series tailor made for finance, investment and business professionals.
We present you globally acknowledged financial and business leaders and what’s on top of their mindin the form of powerfultalks in top-notch theaters.
Live experience that redefines everything
We created on-site Live experience that rivals concert shows. Partnering with top theaters in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen, we only work with professional stage design teams for the best visual and audio experience.
“The event was absolutely amazing. It couldn’t have been any better. You made this thought-sharing forum almost like a rock concert.You have the best audience who are so hungry for knowledge. I appreciate your hard work. It’s a combination of education of entertainment. Incredible. Thank you!”
—— Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, author of Principles, Jianmian Show speaker
Eye-catching topics with a global vision
To prepare for each talk, our professional content team spends nearly 100 hours working with top investment and business leaders both home and abroad. We are proud to be the force behind such an exceptional product that stands out from the rest. Jianmian Show is a stage for all the best insights, ideas and methodologies. We are here to make every show riveting and inspiring as it gets.
“This stage enabled me to say things I have never said before.”
—— Hong Hao, Managing Director at BOCOM International, Jianmian Showspeaker
Innovative and integrative marketing
We are creating platforms for finance and business leaders, and also for top-tier brand owners. Through offline events and online platforms, Jianmian Show strives to become the ideal creative business partner with brands and continuously explores a win - win business model with high net worth individuals.
“The talk is very different from the finance and economic conferences I attended. It is an exchange of Chinese and foreign thoughts, an innovation that connects life with work and economy with philanthropy.”
—— A communications director who was among the audience of Jianmian Show with Ray Dalio
Jianmian Show Lite -lighter but fuller
Jianmian Show Lite brings you a more intimate, diversified and interactive form of sharing, focusing on the latest business investment topics under the spotlight. All Lite speakers are experienced practitioners and scholars thanks to our collaboration with top business schools and institutions. This invitation - only series invite 30 to 80 individuals per event for a valuable face-to-face exchange.
Fu is a very candid and inspiring speaker. I have learned a great deal from him and planning to review his slides again. So impressed with his presentation!”
—— A commodity analyst who was among the audience of Jianmian Show Lite with Fu Peng